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021 – Snow

021 – Snow published on 2 Comments on 021 – Snow
I have a love/hate relationship with snow. Having only  experienced it a handful of times in my life (some while on travel and twice where I lived), I’ve come to the conclusion that while there are a lot of things I liked about it, it does have it’s drawbacks. It’s nice to see how snow changes the environment, and the changing seasons keep where you are living from becoming stale/boring. I don’t like the cold. I like skiing (even though I’ve only ever done it twice). I find overcast skies for weeks on end to be depressing. I enjoy the seasonal foods, hot meals and the decorations that people put up. I hate being sick, and damp soggy socks. So yeah, love/hate.  Patreon   Twitter   Picarto    Practice Makes Perfect   Youtube Like my arts? Support my work though Patreon! 


I have absolutely no idea why I thought of this, but these two would be perfect to sing Baby It’s Cold Outside.

With that random observation aside, I have to say that I just chuckled at the variations in perspective and experience with snow these two have. I can actually relate to each one of them in their own way.

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