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Caribbean Blue

020 – Blocks

020 – Blocks published on 6 Comments on 020 – Blocks

Back when I was a kid, I made this huge plane out of Lego. It was massive, had two floors, 4 engines… the works!! Then my brother smashed it (can’t remember if it was on purpose). In any case, it was so complicated I wasn’t able to build it again. Nor do I have a picture. So yeah, this comic is kinda based on real events? Then again, who hasn’t gone though the experience of having a sibling break something of theirs?

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Okay, before I begin, is it just me or is anyone else laughing at the picture of the carrot? Seriously, I’m laughing so hard at that because that is so a rabbit thing to have/own/do. XD

But OMGG! This hits home so badly. I remember having all these LEGO sets made up and then my older brother destroying them on purpose because he was a jerk. I just hope that she doesn’t snap at her cute and playful sister. Then again, after that whole toilet water fiasco, it wouldn’t surprise me if she did. XD

I know that feeling when all your effort gets deleted in a few seconds.
It happened to me playing pokemon on an emulator (i owned a DS and the games at one point but they got stolen and i didn’t have enough for new ones so don’t start the “piracy is wrong” speech) i saved the boot up screen over my save file THREE TIMES on three different games. And every one of those time i lost all motivation and passion for the game in a second(after i got done screaming externally and internally).

I’ve had even worse happen to me before. Once due to a computer crash, i lost all the saved games I had on my computer, including those for creative games like SimCity and Roller Coaster Tycoon. Many of those games I never played again and I’ve since become obsessed with backing up every little thing I make that I don’t want to lose…

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