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Caribbean Blue
  • Glenn Sellers

    LOL. Boy, how things have changed. I actually remember those phones. In fact, we had one like that for SEVERAL years after cordless phones were introduced.

  • Borderwolf

    Ah, yes. The old type of phones. I think I still have one of those tucked away in a box.

  • MrAMP

    21st Century meet the 20th century. XD
    No put seriously, I got a chuckle out of this because of the fact that it’s so relatable to our generation and the new one. Also, those expressions in the last panel mad me LOL so hard.

  • Chuck

    My neighbors still have a rotary phone. Also, there’s a double typo in the last two words “weird grandmother”.

  • weird*, btw.

  • The_One_Guy

    Said by the girl who only a few pages back mentioned she had a Beanie Babies collection…