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Caribbean Blue

016 – Wire Maze

016 – Wire Maze published on 6 Comments on 016 – Wire Maze

I mean really, does anyone even know what the point of this game is? What kid would look at this and say “Hey! that looks like a fun time right there!”?

Other things that Drea could have exclaimed:

“I hope you guys don’t consider this my birthday present!”

“Ok, who’s dumb idea was this?”

“Woo Wee! Those boys from engineering did it again!”

“Way to lower my expectations guys”

“Don’t tell me it’s “futuristic”; I asked for a train set and this is NOT it!”

“What is this, some kind of atomic model from a messed up alternative universe?”

“Ok, who has the gift receipt?”


A six month old might find this fascinating but not an older child. LOL.

i am offended these are not just fun for 6 year old’s. i am bloomin 18 and i still have fun with these tings >:(
😛 lol jk, im not really offended by it but i wasn’t lying about may age or the fact i still have fun with them XD lol

Oh, I said that half in jest. I’ve seen these in doctor’s offices and never really understood what they were about. I was like the panda here. How do you win? LOL. But, I guess that it keeps kids fascinated by all the movement of the colored balls so it isn’t about the kids winning; it’s about the parents winning by keeping the kids entertained. LOL.

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