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Become A Patron of the Comic!

Become A Patron of the Comic!
Caribbean Blue
  • Shadowkey392


  • Diggy Kin

    Always ask for a source, whether it be from writing a paper, to the food you eat. Always… Ask…. For a…. Source.

  • Dragoncat


  • Jon

    I was wondering when this strip would get posted!

  • Mr AMP

    Why do I get the feeling Jess is going to throw up what she just drank? XD
    No but seriously, this is so cute and so predictable as this is what I did to my older brother that one time.

  • Night-X

    Getting the very best.

  • Chris

    Adorable! ^_^ I love the simplicity of this format, but it works well! 😀

  • Kenneth

    oh lordy. Think this is just a joke? ask some parents…